Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HAPPY 2013

Apabila 2012 melabuhkan tirainya, maka bermulalah tahun baru bersama kisah baru yang bakal menanti kita.. Yang berlalu akan menjadi sejarah hidup... Semoga kehadiran 2013 akan memberikan sinar buat aku.. akan memahatkan kenangan yang indah-indah... dan akan berjalan dengan lancar.. In Sha Allah.

TWIN LOVELY™ would like to thank all of you for the undying support till we have come this far.  Now, new year is a time for us to look forward. A time for us to set new level for TWIN LOVELY™. A time to confront those things that we have put off in previous years just to grow this big. As we know, a bigger company means we need bigger goals, and bigger goals need changes because changes means opportunity. To this date, our products have reached Australia, Thailand & Vietnam market. Therefore, our aim in coming years is to reach and explore more of the global market. Coming soon in the first phase of 2013, there will be a big transition phase of TWIN LOVELY™ to rebrand, repackage & improve in every aspect; new look, new fresh image with new exceptional active ingredients for each precious you. We will work hard to deliver the best range of top-notch products  to our valued customers. With a touch of luxury at conscience, a whole brand new TWIN LOVELY™ will be reborn. Keep in touch because we save the best for last!

 Selamat Tinggal 2012

Selamat Datang 2013

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